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Classified seabed substrate types for European seas. Produced by EMODnet Seabed Habitats as an input layer for the 2019 EUSeaMap broad-scale habitat model, based on EMODnet Geology seabed substrate products. The extent of the mapped area includes the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Baltic Sea, and areas of the North Eastern Atlantic extending from the Canary Islands in the south to the Barents Sea in the north. The layer of seabed substrate was produced using data from EMODnet geology 1:100K, 1:250K and 1:1M seabed substrate maps, and integrated with extra substrate feature relevant for habitat mapping (seagrass beds, for example). The Folk 5 classification of substrate is adopted because it is compatible with the EUNIS classification of habitats used in EUSeaMap 2019.

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