DigiCirc project

DigiCirc is an innovation ecosystem that brings together companies public bodies and researchers to work towards making our economy more sustainable. To meet this ambition, DigiCirc promotes new digital technologies as useful tools to track and communicate the state, location and quality of materials, especially ones that are byproducts or waste. Supported by the European Union (Grant agreement number 873468), DigiCirc brings together a team of complementary partners from across Europe to organize three business acceleration programmes to support SME/startup innovation for the circular economy domain, helping them make use of digital technologies. We focus on 3 domains:

  • circular cities
  • bioeconomy, and
  • blue economy.

Circular economy data hub

The Circular economy data hub provides an interactive platform, where several types of heterogeneous open datasets from a wide range of sources on the 3 domains, are available. Datasets can be downloaded or they may be accessed through an API and a preview of the contents is available. For more information, please refer to the manual.