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  1. The mire vegetation zones dataset includes information on vegetation zones based on combinations of different mire types. 2. The distribution of zones has been digitized from the mire vegetation maps of the Finnish map book (Suomen kartasto, book 141-143, Ruuhijärvi, R 1998: Suokasvillisuus). The mire zones are extended to outer sea areas based on the identification made by R. Ruuhijärvi on 2002. The Finnish national borders are based on the Digital Chart of the World (DCW) dataset with coastline corrections done by SYKE. The dataset has been fitted to match the outer borders of the national waters (digitized in SYKE). 3. Finland. 4. The dataset has been digitized from a screen in SYKE. The Finnish map book Suomen kartasto, book 141-143, part Mire vegetation, written by R. Ruuhijärvi 1988 was used as a base map for the digitizing. The mire zones are extended to sea areas based on the identification made by R. Ruuhijärvi on 2002. Information can be used in limits of the data accuracy.

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Data timespan Information compiled in the years 1988 and 2002.
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Geographical area Finland
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Organization Finnish Environment Institute
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